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Alpine Skiing

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Alpine Skiing - Downhill Women

Victory Skiing



Women Downhill Garmisch Partenkirchen


VONN Lindsay 3,20

MAZE Tina 5,00

GUT Lara 10,00

GOERGL Elisabeth 20,00

WEIRATHER Tina 25,00

GISIN Dominique 30,00

SUTER Fabienne 30,00

HOSP Nicole 40,00

MERIGHETTI Daniela 40,00

FANCHINI Elena 50,00

HUETTER Cornelia 50,00

MANCUSO Julia 50,00

ROSS Laurenne 50,00

SCHMIDHOFER Nicole 75,00

ABDERHALDEN Marianne 100,00

COOK Stacey 100,00

YURKIW Larisa 100,00

BAILET Margot 150,00

FANCHINI Nadia 150,00

FISCHBACHER Andrea 150,00


MCKENNIS Alice 150,00

PUCHNER Mirjam 150,00

RUIZ CASTILLO Carolina 150,00

SCHNARF Johanna 150,00

STERZ Regina 150,00

STUHEC Ilka 150,00

WILES Jacqueline 150,00

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  Single bet In a single bet you only place one bet on an event and do not combine it with another bet.
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  Accumulator bet Several bets are added up and the different odds are multiplied. You have a lot to win, but all bets must be won.
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» with bankers   with bankers If you play system bets and are very sure of one of the tips, you can mark this event with a banker.
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Multiple-way system bets  Multiple-way system bets In a multiple-way bet you can combine and place both single bets, as well as multiple bets.  

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