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Ice Hockey




Formula 1


Last Minute

00h 17m

Jankovic M. 2,80


Rodriguez-Pace R. 1,35

00h 17m Macclesfield Town FC - Bristol Rovers

Macclesfield Town FC 3,50

X 3,05

Bristol Rovers 1,95

00h 17m Zwickau - Neustrelitz

Zwickau 1,55

X 3,50

Neustrelitz 4,80

00h 17m Babelsberg - BFC Dynamo

Babelsberg 2,45

X 3,10

BFC Dynamo 2,45

00h 17m Germania Halberstadt - Am. Hertha BSC

Germania Halberstadt 2,45

X 3,10

Am. Hertha BSC 2,45

00h 47m

Rabita Baku 1,50


Dinamo Krasnodar 2,20

00h 47m Hammarby - Brann Bergen

Hammarby 1,55

X 3,50

Brann Bergen 4,80

00h 47m PAE Pierikos - Anagennisi Karditsas

PAE Pierikos 1,90

X 2,80

Anagennisi Karditsas 4,55

00h 47m AS Lamia FC - Apollon Kalamarias

AS Lamia FC 1,30

X 4,20

Apollon Kalamarias 11,00

00h 47m Larisa - Zakynthos

Larisa 1,55

X 3,40

Zakynthos 5,50

00h 47m Agrotikos Asteras - Iraklis 1908 FC

Agrotikos Asteras 4,60

X 3,30

Iraklis 1908 FC 1,70

00h 47m Ethnikos Gazorou - ASK Olimpiakos Volou

Ethnikos Gazorou 11,75

X 6,00

ASK Olimpiakos Volou 1,16

00h 47m FC Sochi-04 - Vityaz Krymsk

FC Sochi-04 4,50

X 3,75

Vityaz Krymsk 1,55

00h 47m Hennef 05 - Verl

Hennef 05 6,00

X 3,90

Verl 1,40

00h 47m SF Lotte - Am. Gladbach

SF Lotte 2,60

X 3,10

Am. Gladbach 2,30

00h 47m KFC Uerdingen 05 - VfL Bochum II

KFC Uerdingen 05 2,10

X 3,10

VfL Bochum II 3,00

00h 47m SC Wiedenbrueck - FC Kray

SC Wiedenbrueck 2,30

X 3,10

FC Kray 2,60

00h 47m SG Wattenscheid 09 - Siegen

SG Wattenscheid 09 2,45

X 3,10

Siegen 2,45

00h 47m Fortuna Düsseldorf II - FC Viktoria Köln

Fortuna Düsseldorf II 3,40

X 3,20

FC Viktoria Köln 1,90

00h 47m VfR Garching - Memmingen

VfR Garching 2,60

X 3,10

Memmingen 2,30

00h 47m Illertissen - Am. Bayern Munich

Illertissen 2,80

X 3,10

Am. Bayern Munich 2,20

00h 47m Am. Augsburg - 1. FC Nürnberg II

Am. Augsburg 2,40

X 3,10

1. FC Nürnberg II 2,50

00h 47m Am. Ingolstadt - SV Schalding-Heining

Am. Ingolstadt 1,90

X 3,20

SV Schalding-Heining 3,40

00h 47m KSV Baunatal - Offenbach

KSV Baunatal 5,40

X 3,80

Offenbach 1,45

00h 47m Koblenz - Saarbrucken

Koblenz 5,40

X 3,80

Saarbrucken 1,45

00h 47m Am. Freiburg - SpVgg Neckarelz

Am. Freiburg 1,90

X 3,20

SpVgg Neckarelz 3,40

00h 47m SVN 1929 Zweibrücken - Trier

SVN 1929 Zweibrücken 3,70

X 3,40

Trier 1,75

00h 47m SpVgg Elversberg 07 - Hessen Kassel

SpVgg Elversberg 07 1,65

X 3,40

Hessen Kassel 4,20

00h 47m Onnereds HK - HK Malmo

Onnereds HK 3,90

X 9,75

HK Malmo 1,30

00h 47m

Mertens E. 1,25


Matteucci A. 3,15

00h 47m

Yoshimura M. 1,65


Huang S. 1,95

00h 47m

Kim D. 1,40


Karlsson M. 2,45

00h 47m Valur - Thor Akureyri

Valur 1,18

X 6,00

Thor Akureyri 10,25

00h 47m

Samsonov V. 1,14


Shibaev A. 4,25

00h 47m

Kawa K. 2,55


Podoroska N. 1,40

00h 47m

Lestienne C. 1,95


Sidorenko A. 1,70

00h 47m

Morizono M. 1,40


Lim J. 2,60

00h 47m Russia (U19) - Lithuania (U19)

Russia (U19) 1,12

X 6,00

Lithuania (U19) 14,75

00h 47m Belgium (U19) - Sweden (U19)

Belgium (U19) 2,25

X 3,15

Sweden (U19) 2,75

00h 47m Serbia (U19) - Switzerland (U19)

Serbia (U19) 2,35

X 3,15

Switzerland (U19) 2,55

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