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Ice Hockey




Formula 1

American Football

Last Minute

00h 43m

Lysakova A. 2,30


Piskun O. 1,50

00h 43m

Tolibova S. 1,20


Novikova P. 3,75

00h 43m

Spigarelli M. 1,55


Anshba A. 2,20

00h 53m

Jayaprakash M. 3,10


Nedunchezhiyan J. 1,25

01h 43m

Botzer B. 1,20


Chervyakov F. 3,60

01h 43m

Celikbilek A. 2,95


Cid R. 1,30

01h 43m

Bonzi B. 2,60


Shyla Y. 1,35

01h 43m

Ivashka I. 1,22


Adaktusson J. 3,40

02h 13m

Szlavikovics S. 3,05


Bolkvadze M. 1,30

02h 13m

Kairi A. 1,55


Scholsen H. 2,20

02h 13m

Yerolymos M. 2,65


Balducci A. 1,40

02h 13m

Temin M. 7,50


Boeykens E. 1,03

02h 13m

Lukacs V. 1,25


Kremer D. 3,20

02h 43m

Zovincova V. 4,00


Cabeza-Candela E. 1,18

02h 43m

Perper A. 2,55


Sipek N. 1,40

02h 43m

Barzo L. 1,45


Kolb N. 2,50

02h 43m

Ionescu S. 1,35


Esen H. 2,70

02h 43m

Bamburac S. 1,30


Codino F. 3,05

02h 43m

Vangelova A. 1,12


Knezevic J. 4,70

02h 43m

Lazareva M. 1,12


Munozova A. 5,00

02h 43m

Yashina E. 1,85


Eraydin B. 1,75

02h 43m

Njoze M. 1,80


Curovic T. 1,80

02h 43m

Antonescu V. 2,70


Manafov V. 1,35

02h 43m

Dubarenco M. 2,00


Grigelis L. 1,65

02h 43m

Grinberg T. 4,15


Kelly D. 1,15

02h 43m

Laurent Y. 3,65


Reuter Y. 1,20

02h 43m

Musialek A. 1,01


Perez Mota M. 8,50

02h 43m

Soylu I. 1,75


Paquet C. 1,90

03h 13m

Jankovits Y. 1,18


Metreveli A. 3,90

03h 13m

Yuksel A. 3,45


Ismailov T. 1,22

03h 13m

Ilkel C. 2,50


Janvier M. 1,40

03h 13m

Vives J. 2,60


Erguden B. 1,35

03h 43m

White M. 1,95


Carter A. 1,70

03h 43m

Matteucci A. 1,20


Matviyenko L. 3,75

03h 43m

Tashi V. 4,55


Scholtz N. 1,12

03h 43m

King E. 1,35


Song E. 2,60

03h 43m

Arvidsson I. 2,50


Popko D. 1,40

03h 43m

Windahl D. 1,55


Hampel L. 2,10

03h 43m

Roemer C. 1,45


Belenova E. 2,40

03h 43m

Fernandes M. 2,70


Fayol C. 1,35

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The Cash-Out function gives you the opportunity to end a bet before the results. This means that you can secure your winnings if the conditions are favourable, as well as minimise your losses if you believe the bet will probably be lost anyway.

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