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Ice Hockey




Formula 1


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Formula 1 - Championship 2015

Constructor WC



Constructors World Champions 2015

Mercedes 1,07

Ferrari 7,00

Williams 200,00

Red Bull 200,00

McLaren 500,00

Lotus 1000,00

Sauber 1500,00

Toro Rosso 1500,00

Force India 1500,00

Driver WC


World Champions 2015

HAMILTON L.(GBR/Mercedes) 1,22

NOT Hamilton 3,80

VETTEL S.(GER/Ferrari) 7,00

ROSBERG N.(GER/Mercedes) 10,00

RAIKKONEN K.(FIN/Ferrari) 15,00

BOTTAS V.(FIN/Williams) 300,00

MASSA F.(BRA/Williams) 300,00

ALONSO F.(ESP/McLaren) 500,00

RICCIARDO D.(AUS/Red Bull) 500,00

BUTTON J. (GBR/McLaren) 1000,00

ERICSSON M.(SWE/Sauber) 1000,00

GROSJEAN R.(FRA/Lotus) 1000,00

HULKENBERG N.(GER/ForceIndia) 1000,00

KVYAT D.(RUS/Redbull) 1000,00

MALDONADO P.(VEN/Lotus) 1000,00

NASR F.(BRA/Sauber) 1000,00

PEREZ S.(MEX/ForceIndia) 1000,00

SAINZ C. JR. (ESP/Toro Rosso) 1000,00

VERSTAPPEN M. (BEL/Toro Rosso) 1000,00

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